Jakarta, Indonesia – Chairman of Indonesian Agency for Creative Economy, Triawan Munaf and Vice Foreign Minister AM Fachir officially launched the World Conference on Creative Economy (WCCE) 2018 which be held on November 6-8, 2018 in Bali. WCCE will be the first creative economy conference held on a global scale. WCCE is intended to be a platform for government, private sector, creative economy players, and related stakeholders in the development of creative economy ecosystem. WCCE 2018 bring the theme of “Inclusively Creative” that meaning everyone in the world have opportunity and rights to involve in creative economy ecosystem. The conference will discuss various issues related to the development, opportunities, and challenges of creative economy, such as social cohesion, regulations, marketing, and ecosystem. This event is targeted to be attended by participants from Industry players, government representatives, experts, academics, investor, and media.

Indonesia ready to held the first creative economy conference on a global scale

WCCE 2018 have several agendas beside the conference such as Friends of Creative Economy (FCE), Ministerial Meeting, and CreatiVIllage, Specially for  CreatiVilage, every participants can feels and experience of creative creations from the world. Preparation of WCCE 2018 already does from Preparatory Meeting (PrepMeet) towards World Conference on Creative Economy on December 2017, The first FCE has hold on May that discussed of Chair’s Summary from PrepMeet on December 2017. In FCE forum will formulate the WCCE 2018 outcome document and also encourage awareness of creative economy issues at the global level. The outcome document of WCCE will initiated to become part of resolution future economy and will be discuss in the UN’s General Assembly Forum.

WCCE 2018 also supported by several international Organization such as UNIDO, UNESCO, UNCTAD, UNDP and ITU. Indonesia is ready to welcoming every delegation from the world and hold the first creative economy conference on a global scale. Let’s make it happen!

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