Indonesian Agency for Creative Economy (Bekraf) will exhibit their priority programs to the public in CreatiVillage located at Nusa Dua Hall 5, BNDCC, Nusa Dua during the World Conference on Creative Economy (WCCE) this November. Bekraf, through their six deputies, promotes their distinguished programs in Island Booth of CreatiVillage. Public can visit the booth and get information on Bekraf’s priority programs.

Deputy of Research, Education, and Development reveals domestic trend reference, with guidance and inspiration of shape, colour, sketch, and current market preference. The products from “Inovatif dan Kreatif Melalui Kolaborasi Nusantara” (IKKON) program, where nationally-renowned designers collaborated with local communities in creating innovations from the existing product from chosen regions in Indonesia, will be shown to the public.

Deputy Access to Capital will show selections of film, catalogue, and video from Akatara and Docs by the Sea. In brief, Akatara matches up film project and financing source from investors, while Docs by the Sea focuses on similar objectives with documentary film project. Bekraf understands that film is a promising creative economy subsector with multiplier effects. Bekraf is committed to support Indonesia’s film ecosystem through those programs.

Video game demonstrations will be the centrepiece of Deputy of Infrastructure’s exhibition. Through Bekraf Game Prime, this deputy is committed to provide meeting point and networking program for gamers in Indonesia. Other program focuses on Indonesia’s emerging digital industries, such as “BEK-UP” for the pre-startups and “Bekraf Developer Day” aimed for new developers, will also be showcased at the Island Booth.

“Unity in Diversoto” is an effort to advance Soto at the global level. Deputy of Marketing wants to make it an Indonesian culinary icon through this CreatiVillage. Another program, such as Hello Dangdut, is expected to encourage dangdut as a popular music at the international level.

Deputy of Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) Facilitation and Regulation will exhibit BIIMA (Bekraf’s IPR Info in Mobile Apps). Bekraf is practically committed to supply informations regarding to IPR and makes it accessible especially for the creative economy actors. Public can operate BIIMA for free to learn and know more about IP.

Through Komisi Film Daerah/local film commission (KFD), Deputy of Inter-Institutional and Regional Relations is committed to provide filmmakers with access to get license and service in making film in certain regions. It is the result of the collaboration between Bekraf, Indonesian Film Board (BPI) and several regional film multi-stakeholders. It is believed that KFD can stimulate multiplier effects for regions where the film production is taken place. It is proved that there was a significant surge in the tourism sector in the Belitung after the production of Laskar Pelangi film. (Mimi/Galang)