Jakarta, 26/10/2019 – Creative economy driven by young people is believed to be the driving force of the nation’s economy. Collaboration is the key to developing creative ideas and creative notions so that they can win competition with other nations. President Joko Widodo conveyed many leaps in the creative industry carried out by young people or millennials. The 4.0 industrial revolution is 3,000 times faster than the first industrial revolution. After the Internet of things was released, immediately followed by articial intelligence then virtual reality and cryptocurrency the speed of change is clearly visible.

Therefore, the 7thPresident of Indonesia hopes that the nation’s creative actors will be vigilant so that Indonesia does not lag behind other countries. Many things in Star Trex films were once considered impossible, such as PADD data, communicator, virtual intelligence, to universal translators. At this time, it has already begun, like a video call. “I believe that the future is in young people and millennial generations, they will move Indonesia to the future. I am pleased that there are currently four Unicorns but I want more than that, “said the President in his remarks at the opening of Ideafest at the Jakarta Convention Center (JCC), Friday (10/26).

Jokowi assesses collaboration between designers and implementers, between thinkers and creators, industries, and governments that must be inline. This is because what is being faced is a large power from external parties. “Collaboration with various sectors and following the trends must be done. This development must also be supported by policies so that they can grow well, “he added. The Indonesian Agency for Creative Economy as a state institution continues to develop ecosystems to encourage the development of the creative economy through various activities, programs, and policies. This makes the contribution of creative industries to gross domestic product (GDP) increase every year.

To encourage this development, Bekraf in collaboration with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Kemlu) will hold a World Conference on Cretive Economy (WCCE). The event which was held at the Bali Nusa Dua Convention Center (BNDCC) will be the first international conference to discuss the creative economy. Conducted on 6-8 November 2018, this event will discuss four main issues, including social cohesion, regulation, marketing, and ecosystems and financing of creative industries. In the event that carries the Inclusively Creative theme, the Bali Declaration will be formulated which will be proposed to the UN General Assembly next year. This is expected to further strengthen the ecosystem and support the development of the world’s creative economy, considering that it has entered the 4.0 era. (Asiska/Fiyona)


Millennials Become the Future of Nation Activists