Bali, 6/11/2018 – Indonesian Agency for Creative Economy (Bekraf) in collaboration with the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) held a national dialogue as series of World Conference on Creative Economy (WCCE) at the Bali Nusa Dua Convention Center, Bali. Bekraf and UNDP discussing the challenges and opportunities for social entrepreneurship and startups of entrepreneurs as one of the solutions in developing creative economy ecosystem in Indonesia. Of the attending participants were Youth Co: Indonesian Lab graduates, startups, social entrepreneurs, private sector, and the public.

During UNDP’s  Country Director Chistope Bahuet’s remark, he called out all participants, mostly youth, to join the Youth Co: Lab. This program accommodates Indonesian young generation to find solutions to their respective regional problems through activities that are creative and have social impact on the community.

UNDP’s Youth Co: Lab, Herlina Yawang from Papua said that she improved the economy of women in Papua who made Papuan traditional knotted or woven bag, noken. Through the Walibu Papua program, she helps noken-maker women to sell the bags at better prices.

Herlina also added that joining the program can help scale up and direct creative solutions to solve problems back home. “For me, (Bekraf) is very useful. I can gain more knowledge from the speakers because they are engaged in the social field. We can have a common initial solution for each region,” Herlina said.

Bekraf’s Deputy Chairman for Access to Capital, Fadjar Hutomo, added that Indonesia has many problems that could provide opportunities for businesses in providing solutions to them. Fadjar emphasized the main theme of WCCE, Inclusively Creative, which means creativity belongs to everyone. Indonesia’s hope lies on its young generation as the future of the nation.

“Creativity belongs to everyone. We believe that we have good ideas, good inspiration for doing business, and solving the nation’s problems,” said Fadjar. The partnership between Bekraf and UNDP will result in a social and startup entrepreneurship. This collaboration is based on innovation and creativity.