Bali, 11/6/2018 – The Indonesian Agency for Creative Economy (Bekraf) held the  CreatiVillage in a series of event at the World Conference on Creative Economy which took place in Nusa Dua, Bali, on Tuesday to Thursday (6 to 8/11). One of the booth displayed at the Coffee Lounge at CreatiVillage is a farmer, entrepreneur, and coffee barista. M. Aleh from the Marga Mulya Coffee Producers Cooperative (KPK) with the Java Preanger Gunung Tilu brand from Bandung Regency and Hendra Purba from the Tani Namanis Group with the Saabas Coffee brand to fill this booth. In one day (6/11),

Visitors have enjoyed more than 500 cups of coffee. Aleh and Hendra are creative economic player with Bekraf’s community. Both of them admit that they often attend Bekraf events, such as barista training and barista profession certification. Through the event, product promotion and sales of their products increased rapidly. “Good opportunity at this moment. It’s amazing here. When here those who were present did not yet know West Java coffee, now they know. After this there are buyers who are interested. What I’m very proud of is that Bekraf helps me promote. After this event, I fully believe that orders will continue to queue up” said Aleh.

Aleh added that he succeeded in establishing a coffee culture partnership in a coffee shop in Bali. Hendra also emphasized that Bekraf was instrumental in promoting Arabica Coffee from Simalungun, North Sumatra. So, sales also increase. “Everything (coffee) sells on the market. Our promotions efforts are received well. The benefits of the product are increasingly known, and namely sales increase” Hendra said.

The World Conference on Creative Economy (WCCE) is the first international-level conference on creative economy initiated by Indonesia. The event held on the 6-8 November 2018 at the Bali Nusa Dua Convention Center (BNDCC) is attended by representatives from over 30 countries and more than 2,000 participants. It brings the theme Inclusively Creative by raising five main issues, namely social cohesion, regulation, marketing, ecosystems, and financing of the creative industry. The outcome of WCCE will also formulate the Bali Declaration which will be proposed to the UN General Assembly next year. This is expected to further strengthen the ecosystem and support the development of the world’s creative economy, acknowledging that the world has entered a new era. (mm)