Nusa Dua – Indonesian creative economy stakeholder benefit from the implementation of the World Conference on Creative Economy (WCCE) in Nusa Dua, Bali, 6 – 8 November 2018.

As stated by M. Dandy Resafahlevi Nasution and Ahmad Barra Vicra from Exsite Company. “Our minds are more open our (about ekraf). Especially as the speakers come from various backgrounds, “said Dandy at CreatifVillage on the last day of WCCE.

Dandy said, he deliberately come to WCCE to find out the development of the world’s creative economy. In the forum Dandy and Barra also admitted that they learned a lot about government policies related to the global creative economy and efforts to develop Indonesia’s creative economy.

They, for example, received an explanation of the ‘Satu Pintu’ Bekraf program and the Bekraf Information System on Moblie Application (BISMA) program.

“We get important information for creative economic stakeholders to have the opportunity to get government support and assistance by submitting proposals to “One Door is enough, from there all can register,” Barra said.

Through the BISMA program, creative economic players can be included in the network of Bekraf’s and receive updated information regarding information and agendas in the creative world of Indonesia. “So we know what Bekraf is doing, what they do,” Dandy said.

For the past three days joining WCCE, Dandy and Barra, who have a mining background, claims to have learned a lot about creative economy.

“Our hope is that Bekraf can further develop (us) more. I feel quite supported because there are government agencies that really want to help, “Dandy said. (mm)