The Friends of Creative Economy

1. Friends of Creative Economy (FCE) is a multi stakeholders forum, aimed at fostering international collaborations in creative economy towards a more inclusively creative world for a more prosperous global community. Policy makers, private sectors, international organizations and innovators from all over the world are welcomed to join the FCE.

2. FCE is the event for a cooperation between all stakeholders from countries to exchange insights and ideas about enhancing creative economy.

3. ‘’The Kick Off Friends of Creative Economy’’, as the initial meeting of FCE, was held in Jakarta on 3 to 4 May 2018. This kick-off was the Forum where the panels and participants engaging themselves into a dynamic, fruitful discussion of creative economy’s current trends. This kick-off meeting was attended by representatives from more than 55 countries and international organizations (among others, UNCTAD, UNESCO, ITU, WIPO).

4. The First Meeting of Friends of Creative Economy (FCE) was held on 6 November 2018 prior to the World Conference on Creative Economy in Bali Nusa Dua Convention Center, Indonesia. The First Meeting of FCE was chaired by the Deputy of Inter-agency and Regional Relations, Creative Economy Agency of the Republic of Indonesia, and attended by around 300 participants from Senior Officials, Ambassadors, UN Body Representatives, international organizations, business community, private sectors, academicians and practitioners.

5. The First meeting of FCE was aimed at exchanging ideas on development of the world’s creative economy and drafting outcome documents for the World Conference on Creative Economy (WCCE) in form of Bali Declaration on Creative Economy and Plan of Action.

6. The Participants welcome and applauded the initiative of the Republic of Indonesia to host the First Meeting of Friends of Creative Economy and promote the collaboration inclusive discussion.

7. The meeting raised 6 main topics related to creative economy moderated by individuals from international organizations and academics.

8. The FCE Meeting formulated the draft of the “Bali Agenda for Creative Economy”, a consensual document for the future of global creative economy development. The draft then was proposed to be adopted by the Ministerial Meeting on Creative Economy.