The Speaker: William Tanuwijaya

The Speaker: William Tanuwijaya

Who doesn’t know Tokopedia? This online department store provides various needs, ranging from clothing, gadgets, to culinary. Behind it, there is a person who is responsible of Tokopedia success story, he is William Tanuwijaya.

William Tanuwijaya is an entrepreneur from Indonesia. This 36-year-old man began his business in 2007. At that time, he realized his goal of owning his own company by establishing Tokopedia with Leontinus Alpha Edison. Tokopedia was born to be a trade broker that brings together buyers and sellers from all over Indonesia safely and reliably.

Their struggle begins in 2007, and finally PT Tokopedia born on February 6, 2009. However, Tokopedia was officially launched to the public on August 17, 2009. Since officially launched, Tokopedia managed to become one of the Indonesian internet companies with very rapid growth.

Nevertheless, William Tanuwijaya’s success path is not always smooth. Tokopedia has difficulty in operating capital. But over time, more and more investors are helping Tokopedia to become bigger every day. In October 2014, Tokopedia became the first technology company in Southeast Asia to receive an investment of USD 100 million or around IDR 1.2 trillion from Sequoia Capital and SoftBank Internet and Media Inc (SIMI). In April 2016, Tokopedia reportedly received an investment of USD 147 million or around IDR 1.9 trillion. Not only that, in August 2017 Tokopedia receive an investment of $ 1.1 billion from Alibaba.

Tokopedia is currently a unicorn startup company with a valuation of more than US $ 1 billion. William Tanuwijaya’s career also increased. Nobody thought he had worked as a shopkeeper at an internet cafe when he was studying in Jakarta.

Graduating from college, William later worked in a company engaged in computer software development. His struggle isn’t meaningless, William received various awards, one of them is the Young Global Leaders in 2016, as one of the influential young leaders in the world.

Fortunately, in November of this year you can listen directly how the ups and downs of William Tanuwijaya life that can inspired you. The story of his experience will be discussed further in the World Conference of Creative Economy (WCCE). So, don’t forget to attend the WCCE to witness William Tanuwijaya’s success story! (Jannisha)