The WCCE 2018 marked a new milestone on the future of global creative economy, with opportunities to mainstream this issue as an opportunity to achieve the SDGs. The vision of creative economy lays foundations to establish understanding, that this new source of economy allows people to use their ideas and creativity. In this uncertain, volatile world, creative economy has proven their solid existence and growth from time to time.
Indeed, the way forward is long, ahead of us. However, the way is always there and the opportunities to unleash it are endless, limitless, and timeless. It is bound to the vital stakeholders to uphold the commitment of Bali Agenda, to bring creative economy into the spotlight.
To fulfil the mandate of Bali Agenda, we are currently initiating the process of establishing the Global Center of Excellence an International Cooperation for Creative Economy. This step will allow us to absorb ideas and suggestion from key stakeholders, as well as sculpting the foundation for future collaboration of best practices, researches, and development.
We are also working on the mission to mainstream creative economy, globally. Through diplomatic path, we are putting effort to promote the creative economy Draft Resolution for the UN General Assembly. This step will ensure our vision and commitment be heard by the international community.