Creative Economy Resolution at the UN General  Assembly

New York, United States - Indonesia succeeded in initiating the adoption of a Resolution entitled "Promoting Creative Economy for Sustainable Development" by consensus at the 78th UN General Assembly (SMU) Session in New York (19/12). This resolution is the first substantive UN Resolution to specifically discuss the creative economy (Ekraf).

Indonesia's proposed resolution is supported by 59 other countries as Co-Sponsors, who come from various regions and at different levels of development. The composition of the Co-Sponsors was appreciated by many parties, because it reflects diverse representation in the midst of uncertain global political escalation.

Efforts to raise support for the Resolution have been carried out intensively since early 2023, through close collaboration between the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy. In July 2023, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy held a briefing on the importance of the creative economy sector for ambassadors from friendly countries in Jakarta. Then, the Deputy Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy gave a briefing to diplomats from various countries in New York on September 6 2023.

The negotiation process for the text of the Resolution itself was led by Indonesia for 6 weeks in October and November 2023 at the UN Headquarters in New York. After intensive negotiations, the negotiations agreed on the final text consisting of 38 paragraphs.

The resolution encourages UN member states and various related parties to provide greater support for the development of the Creative Economy sector, including through (i) strengthening data, (ii) increasing research, talent development, education and training, (iii) increasing access to financing, health and social protection, (iv) use of intellectual property, and (v) use of digital technology, including artificial intelligence (AI), responsibly.

In addition, the Resolution mandates the UN to regularly discuss Creative Economy issues, increase support for capacity building, facilitate discussions, conduct research, prepare guidelines and publish regularly.

For Indonesia, the Resolution continues Indonesia's leadership role in mainstreaming international Creative Economy cooperation, which has been realized through the World Conference on Creative Economy (WCCE) initiative since 2018. Moreover, the Resolution will also be used by Indonesia to realize more cooperation. capacity building that has real benefits for Creative Economy actors and various national stakeholders.

Source: Ministry of Foreign Affairs​​